Special VIP Invitation for Highly Sensitive People And Empaths

"The Four Step Life Success Formula for Highly Sensitive People!" with Debbie Lynn Grace.

This is for you if you have ever struggled to be healthy, happy or prosperous because of your sensitivities.  Your life is about to change forever...

Date: October 2017
From: Debbie Lynn Grace
Re: How to live an amazing, confident and PROSPEROUS life as a Highly Sensitive PersonDebbie Lynn Grace Head Shot

Dear Professional,

Do you easily take on other people's energies, pain or fears?
Are you sensitive to any "negativity" around you?
Have you been told you are "too sensitive"?
Do you consider yourself to be a highly sensitive person and/or empath?
Do you feel like you always need to protect yourself from people around you?
Are you highly attuned to your senses - taste, touch, smell and noise?
Do you have trouble setting boundaries?
Do you have trouble receiving on a consistent basis - especially financial prosperity?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this brand new program, exclusively for Highly Sensitive People, will dramatically change your life!

It's not easy being a Highly Sensitive Person.

It means that no matter where you are, who you are with or who you work with, you can easily pick up other people's negative vibrations and take them into your body.

It means you can physically FEEL any negativity around you and need to be able to protect yourself from it or it will adversely affect your health.

It means you are vulnerable to taking on other people's stuff which affects your emotional well being.

And it means, that your sensitivities can make it more difficult to receive financial prosperity on a consistent basis.

All that can change when you learn the secret to leading an amazing life as a Highly Sensitive Person ... and Debbie will show you how!

In this life changing webinar - Debbie Lynn Grace, herself a highly sensitive person, will reveal:

*The 7 biggest energy blocks of Highly Sensitive People.

* What strategies commonly used by Highly Sensitive People
that do NOT work and make your life HARDER.

* The 4 Step Life Success Formula for Highly Sensitive People
that creates a life of emotional, physical, spiritual and
financial well being.

*How to get the support you need to make the Formula work
for YOU!

Being a Highly Sensitive Person can adversely affect your health, your emotional well being and ability to receive prosperity unless you understand how to use your highly sensitive nature to your advantage! 

This webinar is for you if you have a tough time protecting yourself from other people's energy, are susceptible to overwhelm and burnout, get depleted easily by giving to everyone else and feel judged, criticized or bullied because of your sensitive nature.

About Debbie Lynn Grace

Debbie Lynn Grace Head ShotDebbie started her professional journey in the early 80’s as a corporate marketing executive. Eventually she started her own marketing consulting business in 1994. At the same time she started her business she began to learn a form of energy work called Flow, Alignment and Connection. In learning this energy discipline, Debbie discovered she too had a gift of healing, transformation and powerful intuition. Since that time, Debbie has helped thousands of professionals worldwide release the energy blocks in their life so they achieve personal and professional success. Debbie is author of Outrageous Business Growth and a contributing author to five other books. She is an international speaker, published in over 200 newspapers, magazines and websites worldwide and is frequently interviewed in the media.


"Much appreciation and gratitude to you for the off the charts for your teleseminar. Your gifts are extraordinary and I feel blessed to be participating and gaining a higher level of consciousness. Thank you!" T. Gulland

"I have just since the teleseminars have started realized 2 mental blocks I had that were so buried that I did not realise I had them. I want to thank you for all your help so far Debbie. You are an amazing person." J. Greenwood

"Your call was phenomenal. I have 16 pages of notes from what I heard from you. I so resonate with everything you said." S. O'Brien

This program is ideal for you if you are a Highly Sensitive Person AND...

  • You want to know how to have strong boundaries so you don't take on other people's energy.
  • You want to feel vibrant and healthy.
  • You want to receive increasing financial prosperity on a continuous basis.
  • You want to feel "SAFE" in EVERY environment.
  • You want to learn how to live as a SUCCESSFUL highly sensitive person and learn how to use your sensitivities to your advantage.
  • You want to do your life's work without worrying it will drain you physically or emotionally.
  • You want to live freely AND safely without judgment and criticism.
  • You want a sense of peace about the direction of your life.
  • You want MORE out of your life - more prosperity, love, fulfillment, passion and connection.

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