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**This is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, holistic healers, coaches, therapists, consultants, network marketers, sales professionals, authors and speakers who want to create financial success in their business with ease.**

Learn how to remove all the mental barriers to your success, wipe out your fears and have 100% confidence to turn your expertise or product into a high six or seven figure business with ease in any economy in only 30 days!


Dear friend,

How would you like to put $50,000 or $100,000 or even one MILLION dollars in your pocket? What if I could tellDebbie Bermont pic cropped you that putting extra money in your pocket is EASY and will take a lot less time than you think. Read below and I'll show you how.

I used to struggle in building my business until I discovered something that changed my life and it can change yours too!

I remember what it was like to build my own consulting business through really hard work and effort. Not long after I started my business in 1994 I went through a painful divorce. My business wasn’t even a year old and I was left with no means of income except my new consulting business. I built my business in a city where I had no business contacts, no friends, no relatives and no support system. I was depressed, lonely and in emotional pain. Not exactly the right mindset to build a new business.

It wasn’t until after I started my own business and began to work with business owners throughout the world that I realized the “work really hard formula” just led to burnout, struggle and being vulnerable to a bad economy. After working with and partnering with people who have built seven, eight and even nine figure businesses over the years, I began to see what they did that made them so successful while most entrepreneurs struggle. I quickly changed my thinking and my results changed.

In fact, one of my programs generated a six figure income in just five days then I went on to make a six figure income in just three days and I didn’t spend a dime on marketing and that was just the beginning. Today, I'm a worldwide speaker, author, business growth expert and business energy intuitive, frequently interviewed by the media and busy making lucrative business deals with EASE.

jody pawel photo"Since I started the 10 mindset program, I have made more in 1 week than I have netted the past 3 years combined. Moving to and staying in a more expansive space has been the key." 

Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE


gene yoder photo"Debbie has unbelievable talent in helping you shift your mindset and gain clarity around your life and where it is that you are wanting to go. I can't imagine where I would be had I not hired Debbie to help me make the big shift in my business. One year my income increased over 1150%! Thank you Debbie!"

Gene Yoder
Gold Star Capital Group LLC

As an entrepreneur you have two roads you can follow in building your business – one of ease or one of hard work and struggle.


girl point todayThe people who have created financial success in their life who follow the path of ease have what I refer to as a 10 mindset™. Here's the GREAT news... YOU are prewired to be a 10. Yes, right now you have this amazing gold mine of untapped potential waiting for you to access. Inside your hidden treasure is where you become MAGNETIC. You start attracting more opportunities than you can handle. Financially successful people want to do business deals with you. Clients want to pay you BIG bucks to work with you.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs aren't tapping into this unlimited source of potential to create wealth and here's why...

If you aren't earning what you would like then there is a GAP between where you are now in your life and accessing your 10 Mindset! For many entrepreneurs there is a BIG gap. That gap is filled with FEAR, struggle, anxiety, stress, procrastination, overwhelm, lack of confidence and challenges which are preventing you from tapping into YOUR 10 Mindset.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and they divulged their deepest fears, challenges and insecurities in our work together. The people who struggled didn’t “see themselves” as successful, weren’t confident and had an internal dialogue that was plagued with fear.

The most common fears I hear consistently are:

Fear of failure
Fear of success
Fear of being seen
Fear of being a fraud
Fear that people can’t afford to pay for the value of what you offer in a bad economy
Fear that there is too much competition in the marketplace
Fear of being powerful
Fear about the ability to pay your bills
Fear about a lack of cash flow
Fear of not having the right plan to build your business

All these fears PREVENT you from tapping into your internal goldmine waiting for you at the 10 Mindset level. This gap is COSTING you HUGE amounts of lost revenue, clients, passion, creativity and opportunities.

When you are stuck in this GAP life will always be a challenge. You will have to work TWICE as hard as someone who is building their business from a 10 Mindset and the sad fact is that you WILL struggle in a poor economy while people who are building their business from a 10 Mindset FLOURISH in EVERY economy. And even worse you will be frustrated, overwhelmed, lack clarity, lose passion, feel hopeless and keep attracting other people who have lack in their life.

This is what it’ WILL BE LIKE to build your business from a 10 mindset™.

  • You will reach ANY financial goal you set for yourself – even in a downturned economy.
  • You will consistently get paid for the value of what you are truly worth in the marketplace.
  • Other successful entrepreneurs will seek you out for lucrative business deals.
  • You will have a solid support team that won’t let you fail no matter what.
  • You will set clear boundaries so that people always respect you.
  • You will take big risks without fear.
  • You will do only the things you LOVE to do in your business and leave the rest to other professionals.
  • You will be able to share your abundance of wealth with those organizations whose cause you support.

"When I enrolled in Debbie’s 10 Mindset Program, it was difficult at the time for me to move forward. I was stuck both personally and professionally. Debbie's advice was an eye opener that I still have not fully grasped. It is still unfolding. I am now aware how others were invading my space and I couldn’t be me. This goes back to my early childhood.

Through this process I have gained confidence, feel free and my approach to life has shifted. I no longer have the need to focus on my work 24/7. I have found when I relax or engage in fun activities, dancing, listening to music, cooking or engage in a conversation with a friend, insights, answers and ideas come to me. It is so much easier and less stressful than focusing on the problem all the time. The final result is that I accomplish more in less time.

I started this program as an "8". I am happy to report that I now am a "10". Thanks Debbie!"

LaVonne Atkins

Learn how to close the gap NOW, tap into your highest potential, wipe out your fears, remove any energy blocks in your business, and generate an abundance of opportunities, clients and increased revenue in just 30 days with The Ten Mindset™ Program.

dollar sign

I recently updated the 10 Mindset, added brand new information on how to live a life of prosperity and purpose from your 10 Mindset and taught the program live. Then I turned the recordings into a 30 Day Self Study program which takes you step by step on how to apply the Business Success Formula to your life RIGHT NOW!

This program is for you if you don't want to wait any longer and live inside your gap rather than from your highest potential where the gold mind of abundant thinking and prosperity resides. In this program you will learn exactly WHAT is holding you back and HOW to remove EVERY single block that is standing in the way from you tapping into your own internal GOLD MINE.

The 10 Mindset Program was designed based on 30 years of research working with thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide and partnering with people who built seven, eight and nine figure businesses to find out what successful people ALWAYS do to keep creating success over and over again and why other people keep struggling to make ends meet. There is NO theory in this program. There are real world stratagies that you can apply IMMEDIATELY in your life to make a PERMANENT change in your thinking and your actions.

Ana Maroney photo"I was taken through a healing process with Debbie that she teaches in her 10 mindset program that helped me to realize, more than anything,"where" that pain arised. So often we are hurting and we don't even know why. Discovering it through Debbie's healing process allowed me to STOP bringing past experiences into present experiences.

My healing was emotional and physical, and I say physical as well because all the tension from my body was released. Debbie's process was filled with love and the release of my emotional pain was so easy. It was an amazing experience."

Ana Maroney

The secret to financial success is in one SIMPLE Formula.

The secret to success is based on one simple equation called the Business Success Mindsetsales chart Formula™ used by EVERY single person throughout the world who has built a financially successful business including Oprah, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. In fact, all the millionaires and billionaires worldwide are using this SAME mindset formula. This mindset formula will work for EVERYONE no matter your age, your current income, your level of education, the industry you are in or your geographic location as long as you close the GAP that is preventing you from being a 10 Mindset.

In just 30 days you will learn how to tap into your 10 Mindset and the SIX steps you must take in order to guarantee the Business Success Mindset Formula is working for you. Each of these steps is CRITICAL in helping you close the gap from where you are now to tapping into the incredible potential inside which is waiting for you to access.

Here's what you will learn in 30 days...

Class One: Setting yourself up for SUCCESS

In this class you will learn how to access the highest vibration of prosperity so that you understand how to BE prosperous in each of the six steps you must master for the business success principle. You will also take a 10 Mindset assessment so you have a better understanding of what blocks are currently operating in your life right now and are ready to be shifted into a new place of expansion so you know exactly where to focus on your transformation as you go through the program. You will also learn the importance of nourishishing the soul of your business on a consistent basis in order to create a never ending supply of prosperity in the form of opportunities, clients and sales.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to set yourself up for success in implementing the Business Success Formula in your life
  • How to access the vibration of prosperity every day
  • How to align your business with your soul path so your journey is purpose filled AND profitable
  • How to nourish the soul of your business to receive increasing abundance in clients, money and opportunities


audriana"I must say the 10 Mindset Program is one of the most beneficial courses I've taken. Debbie Bermont leads you on a step-by-step journey to operating from a place inside that produces the passionate, rewarding juice we each and every one came here to walk out in our lives. During the course I have already experienced major breakthroughs! I used to seem trapped and just couldn't get some things done in a timely manner, now I notice myself whizzing through this task or that, saying to myself, 'I wonder why I used to find this task such a challenge?'

Not only is this phenomenon taking place physically, I also find myself doing plenty of emotional and spiritual shifting as well. I find that I have been experiencing lots of deeper awakenings as to my own values and life purpose. Along with all of these changes have come several unexpected and very welcome miracles as well!

I highly recommend Debbie's approach if you are looking to grow your business. You'll get that and then some. It'll also grow your life! 10 Mindset is a fantastic way to gain your own personal set of insights and tools that will indeed take you soaring to new and exciting levels of growth! Thanks Debbie for your awesome commitment, caring, patience and expertise!"



Class Two: How to create the SPACE to receive increased wealth, greater opportunities and resources.

Right now you are operating your business through certain filters. These filters could be either attracting lack into your business or major opportunities. If your filters are set up to attract lack, it means that it doesn’t matter what marketing strategy you use to build your business it will be really HARD work! I’ll show you how to identify these subconscious constrictive filters and take them off so that you are set to receive A LOT of incredible opportunities and the help you need quickly.

This class is designed to put you in the right frame of mind as you move forward towards your goals. Often as the year goes on in your “busy-ness” you can lose sight of your focus, lose inspiration, feel stifled in your creativity and fall into a pattern of procrastination. I’ll show you how to design your space so that you stay feeling expansive and “connected” all year long.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to identify and eliminate any limiting “filters” which are inhibiting your success.
  • How to get CLARITY and the answers to ANY question you have at ANY time.
  • How to get re-energized when you feel bogged down by your business.
  • How to move away the clutter in your space quickly.
  • How to remove the single most important energy block in your space most entrepreneurs aren’t aware of which will continually erode your time and energy.
  • How to boost your creativity and keep your business mojo alive.
  • The best place you should be if you REALLY want to be super productive and expansive.
  • The secret power boost to doubling your sales goals (it’s not what you might think).
  • How to get the help you need in organizing your space without having to pay for it.
  • How to set up your space so you generate “confidence” in your business.
  • How to infuse your space with the energy of financial success.
  • How to increase your manifesting skills all year long.


"Your 10-Mindset program is working for me - very very well. SO well, in fact, that within the first two weeks of participation in your 10 Mindset Program the floodgates of clients and prospects have opened and I'm busier than I've been in quite some time. 3 new clients, 5 new prospects, radio show interviews, and revenues higher than last year already.... Thank you!"

Marcy Maslov

Class Three: How to have the identity of success!

You are already prewired as a 10 Mindset. Most people spend their time and energy focusing on the lack dollar signthinking of their GAP not realizing they have a 10 Mindset already inside. In this class you will identify YOUR 10 Mindset that is waiting for you to tap into to create the success you desire in every area of your life.

Permanent change does NOT happen just by changing your beliefs and habits. You'll learn what you need to do to create permanent change in any area of your life where you want to experience successful results. When you make this one profound shift in your thinking, you will realize that your beliefs and habits will automatically shift too easily and effortlessly to line up for your success.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to access the 10 Mindset you ALREADY have inside so that you override ALL your fears.
  • How to align your values with your true authentic self.
  • How to create a permanent shift in your thinking from lack to prosperity with complete confidence.


Fawn "During every class with Debbie I had major "aha's". The information is presented so clearly and being able to follow along with the workbook allowed me to be receptive and learn deeply. During the accelerated timeframe of our program I was inspired to begin, persevere and complete a major project in my business that had been weighing in at the procrastination level for six months. That's a lot of time for my energy to be building in a direction that wasn't serving me or my clients. Now being on the other side of having it complete and receiving the benefits of moving forward it's clear that not only did this program already get paid for but it's also generating income more quickly.

Another important piece for me was learning to build my team in a new way. I had building my team as a goal this past year but I had never learned what I learned from Debbie. Now that I have the 10 MindSet Approach to building team I'm knowing what to do and can trust myself to take the effective connected steps that will always bring me the right support.

Doing the "most important exercise" of the program has brought me into a level of mastery that has transformed my confidence into a solid "10." If and when that waivers I know I will/can and am excited to simply realign my awareness into the unstoppable 10 MindSet. Thank you Debbie, for all of your love and expertise in integrating these valuable ways for us to learn and implement for our true success. I am very grateful for your service."

Fawn Christianson

Class Four: You, Prosperity and A 10 Mindset Of Financial Success

In this class, we will learn how to close the GAP and adopt a NEW identity aligned with the highest vibration of prosperity. YOU are already prewired to receive an abundance of love, money, opportunities, ideas and creativity at a soul level. It’s time to close the GAP and tap into the universal energy of prosperity. People who create financial wealth from a 10 Mindset come from a prosperity consciousness. They BELIEVE in an abundance of ideas and opportunities. You will learn the distinction between money and prosperity and why living a life in prosperity will get your MORE of everything you want in your life including clients, sales, money and opportunities.

In this class you will learn:

  • how to close the GAP and adopt a NEW identity aligned with the highest vibration of prosperity.
  • how to release fear and lack forever!
  • how to create a prosperity consciousness around money.
  • how to access the identity of financial success no matter what you have in your bank account right now.


priya shah photo"Debbie, your 10 Mindset™ Program is the most life-renewing and inspiring course I have ever taken. It is helping me rebuild my confidence so much, and challenging me even more every day to live from a more expansive space. I have paid much more for courses that did not deliver anything close to the transformation I am experiencing with this course.

The transformation I am experiencing is life-changing, sometimes scary, and calls me to make tremendous changes to my way of thinking, being and living. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. I look forward to listening to the calls and doing the exercises every day. I can't get enough of it."

Priya Florence Shah


Class Five: How To Create Your Business Vision From A 10 Mindset

After working with thousands of business owners over the past 30 years, I have found that people who are living their life from "the gap" instead of thier 10 Mindset have a much SMALLER vision of themselves and their capabilities. They create a life which seems safe rather than expose themselves to the possibility of failure or ridicule. When you do this, you are really spending your life trying to avoid rejection or disappointment. Ironically when you set small goals for yourself this doesn’t prevent the very thing you are trying to avoid from happening. You will still end up making mistakes, you will still have people in your life who will criticize you or find fault with you and you will still experience rejection. And you will still have unexpected obstacles come your way.

In this class you will learn how to BYPASS your gap and tap directly into your 10 Mindset to create the vision of what you TRULY want. You will allow your "higher potential" to design a life that was meant for you and is within your reach when you operate from a 10 Mindset.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to create your vision which will inspire you to passionately build your business with the right focused action.
  • How living in the gap can prevent you from getting clarity around the vision of your company.
  • The one thing you MUST do to move your vision from possibility into reality.

Class Six: How to develop THE most important business habits that GUARANTEE you will be successful.

Have trouble keeping motivated to take action? Do you procrastinate on things you know you should be doing in your business? Do you have a never ending “to do” list? Do you feel like you are always behind in accomplishing the tasks you think you “should” be doing? These are all common challenges that if not addressed quickly will put you right back into a struggling frame of mind. Bad business habits will cost you not only money but something you will NEVER get back – time. That’s a resource that is limited and is your most valuable commodity.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to turn a BAD business habit into a money making habit.
  • What business rituals you need to do religiously to GUARANTEE you will be successful.
  • The weekly plan you can stick to that is simple, easy to follow and will build your 10 mindset community very quickly filling your pipeline with referrals and business opportunities.
  • Resources you can turn to when you need help which cost little or no money for just about anything you need done in your business.
  • An easy plan to follow that keeps stress away.
  • How to build in a system of accountability on an ongoing basis so you stay focused and on track to accomplishing your goals.
  • How to accomplish what you need to do in half the amount of time.
  • Four powerful strategies to bust through procrastination.

"When I enrolled in Debbie’s 10 Mindset Program, it was difficult at the time for me to move forward. I was stuck both personally and professionally. Debbie's advice was an eye opener that I still have not fully grasped. It is still unfolding. I am now aware how others were invading my space and I couldn’t be me. This goes back to my early childhood.

Through this process I have gained confidence, feel free and my approach to life has shifted. I no longer have the need to focus on my work 24/7. I have found when I relax or engage in fun activities, dancing, listening to music, cooking or engage in a conversation with a friend, insights, answers and ideas come to me. It is so much easier and less stressful than focusing on the problem all the time. The final result is that I accomplish more in less time.

I started this program as an "8". I am happy to report that I now am a "10". Thanks Debbie!"

LaVonne Atkins


Class Seven: How to create a community of golden referral sources, joint venture partners, leading experts and rainmakers who bring opportunities to YOUR doorstep, make powerful business introductions and want to bring you in on lucrative deals.

There is a saying that who you hang out with reflects the income you will produce. Do you hang out with people who complain, are struggling, are critical of what you do, are filled with drama, or are not very motivated? Who you hang out and network with reflects how successful you feel you will be in your business. People who struggle in their business are typically the ones who have weak boundaries, are the first to help others so they don’t have time for their own business or who don’t ask for help.

In this class you will learn not only how to ask for help but how to attract help from very influential and financially successful people. You ARE worthy of having great relationships in your community filled with people who have a 10 Mindset. The strategies you learn in this class will work even if you are just starting out in business, have NO money to build your business, have a small mailing list, if you are really shy, if you are a social media neophyte, you have no idea where to look for people to put in your community and you don’t feel worthy enough to hang out with financially successful people.

I’ll reveal to you the relationship building techniques I have used for the past 30 years that don’t involve cold calling, attract the attention of very influential and connected professionals and turn connections into lifelong friends. Because of these techniques I was able to generate $50,000 in the first three weeks in my business, have been interviewed in media publications, radio and TV, booked speaking engagements, generated consulting business and been sought out frequently for JV opportunities.

In this class you will learn:

  • Where people with a 10 mindset hang out.
  • How to get introduced to influential and financially successful people so you never have to contact someone in a cold call.
  • What common mistakes you definitely do NOT want to make which could kill any potential for a relationship or JV partnership with someone.
  • How to get people to JV with you even if you have a really small mailing list.
  • How to make powerful business connections if you are timid or shy.
  • Four surprising places you should look to find people with a 10 mindset who would be an ideal fit for your community.
  • What to do with people in your existing community who “no longer fit” or who are not supportive of your path.
  • Inside secrets on how to get the attention of big name marketers to do business with you.
  • What four things you MUST do to attract the attention of successful people that makes them want to support you in your dreams (and it has nothing to do with how big your business is now).
  • What criteria you should ALWAYS use when building your referral sources and 10 mindset community.
  • The 9 things you MUST know before entering into any business partnership with someone to ensure that it doesn’t blow up in your face.
  • The one question that ALWAYS opens doors and gets people to talk to you.

Class Eight: How to put together your own business success team filled with people who already have a 10 Mindset, who will support you in making sure your dreams come true!

10 mindset success teamIn this class you will learn how to put together a team that won’t let you fail. Even if you have no idea how to find these people, tend to be a loner or afraid to ask for support. Every single person who is financially successful has some sort of advisory team, mastermind or feedback resource. Your journey will be so much more enjoyable and easier when you have a select team of people who will cheer you on, give you advice when you need it, give you tough love when you lose focus and will open up doors for you and make introductions.

This is your safety net to ensure you WILL succeed. This is NOT just a team of people who just love you but are struggling themselves. This is a support group made up of people who are already on top of their game and want you to be on top of your game too.

In this class you will learn:

  • What people would be the right fit for your team and which ones will only drag you down.
  • How to ask someone to be on your team that you don’t know very well.
  • How to establish the type of person you should be looking for that would be ideal to support you for your business.
  • How to create your own support network of talented financially successful entrepreneurs.
  • How to get people excited about YOUR dreams and goals.



Frank Robinson"Debbie is a leader in the field of reading energy, personal and business growth and alignment, as well as space flow. She is about results and moving forward in life.

Thank you Debbie, for your insight and wisdom, your intuitive ability to see the challenge AND present the solutions needed to fix it! I have seen my business and personal life grow substantially because of your work and would highly recommend you to others looking to grow their business and person lives!"

Frank Robinson
www.island eventshawaii.org


Learn how to live your life from your 10 Mindset in just 30 days with this powerful self study audio program.

Over the years I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who have divulged their deepest fears that prevent them from achieving the success they truly desire. Now is YOUR chance to take the biggest step towards fulfilling your dreams and learn how to live your life and build your business from a 10 Mindset. Over the course of 30 days, you will receive the entire 10 Mindset audio course delivered to you in the sequence that teaches you how to apply the Business Success Formula to your life right now.

Mastering your 10 Mindset is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Number 1 Action is the first step to fulfilling your dreams.

When you register for the 10 Mindset Program, you send a strong signal back to your subconscious mind that you are READY and WILLING to make a big change in your life. You have tapped into the higher vibration of prosperity at a soul level and know there is a place of power waiting to tap into. And now you are ready to face your fears and live an expansive life. Step One of taking action is a giant step forward to releasing old fear based programs and constrictive habits.

When you take this GIANT step, you empower yourself to have forward motion TOWARDS your dreams that are aligned on your true soul path of living a rich and fulfilled life.
People who have created conscious wealth have mastered each of the six mindset success steps which you will learn in this program. Now it’s time for YOU to master them too. Once you understand how to master each of these steps in your life, it will be so much EASIER to obtain what you truly want. In each class you will learn strategies on how to master each principle.

At the end of the 30 days you will have created a detailed plan which shows you how to turn any weaknesses or fears into strengths so you can be a 10 Mindset™. For the first time you will know specifically HOW to be a 10 Mindset™. Like any plan it takes consistent action to create the results you want. In this case you will KNOW that the action you are taking will get you the result you want instead of trying to figure out what works or doesn’t work. There is no guessing on which strategy to use to overcome your fears or how to stay in flow.


carol stotts photo"A sincere "Thank You" for this amazing course and all the wisdom, insight, and guidance you offer. This is all in perfect timing as my husband and I are creating our "Awakening Imagination and Accessing Creativity" platform. I am experiencing daily shifts in thought, attitude, and confidence. I also recognize an ever-expanding awareness and ownership unfolding within me of what it takes to be a "10" business person. I know that I can do this because I am doing it, piece by piece. I also know that we (along with our joint venture partners -- of whom one BIG player just agreed to present with us) will all enjoy great success and satisfaction from our collaboration and our contribution to others. With Gratitude and Appreciation,"

Carol and Ron Stotts


Number 2 The program is customized completely to YOU!

This 30-Day self study audio course is the only program of it's kind in the marketplace that shows you how to integrate a success mindset by walking your true soul path and walk the prosperous journey you were put on this plan to enjoy. 

The course is designed to give you the information in a very specific sequence so that the material builds upon itself as you work through the program. Each class has a comprehensive workbook with special transformation exercises designed to help you release, shift and transform your thinking, your identity and your BEING to live a life from the state of prosperity.  There are also e-mails and video tips to help you apply the information immediately to your life.

By the end of the program you will have your very own customized 10 Mindset blueprint that shows you how to create success in your business and in your personal life.

Here are just a few of the topics addressed in this course:

  • Getting out of a fear space
  • Moving past procrastination
  • Getting rid of negative people in your life
  • Finding your life purpose
  • Attracting successful people who want to help you
  • Receiving more money in your life
  • Feeling worthy and loveable
  • Healing past childhood emotional pain
  • Feeling 100% confident of your path
  • Walking your true soul path
  • Accessing the 10 Mindset already inside

val silver photo"When Debbie offered the 10Mindset program I knew it was for me and I eagerly signed up. The information Debbie shared was very revealing. It became clear to me that there was a big gap between where I was in some areas of life and where I want to be. Through the exercises and examples Debbie shared, I am now learning to tap into the confidence and successes that are already within me to shift my thinking and help me believe in myself. I look forward to continuing this journey of becoming all I can be with a mindset that supports my dreams. Thanks Debbie!"

Val Silver


Number 3Anchor In Your 10 Mindset Forever

#1: This program is set up for your success from start to finish. The first class shows you how to get the greatest value from the program so that you know how to apply the information to your own life after each class.

#2: You also receive detailed handouts that walk you through the information of each class. They include transformational exercises that help you identify your blocks, release them and shift into a 10 Mindset.

#3: Anchor in your 10 Mindset as your permanent state of being by fully integrating the information you learn into your daily life and actions. This program includes a 30 Day 10 Mindset Action Plan To Prosperity as the final part of the program. This is a step by step plan to show you how to implement all the material in a way that helps you anchor into your subconscious and conscious mind a new identity of confidence and success.

Ana Maroney photo"I was taken through a healing process with Debbie that she teaches in her 10 mindset program that helped me to realize, more than anything,"where" that pain arised. So often we are hurting and we don't even know why. Discovering it through Debbie's healing process allowed me to STOP bringing past experiences into present experiences.

My healing was emotional and physical, and I say physical as well because all the tension from my body was released. Debbie's process was filled with love and the release of my emotional pain was so easy. It was an amazing experience."

Ana Maroney


Craig Kingsbury photo"The 10 Mindset course is amazing. I decided to take this course with you at this time because I am going through a significant transition in my life. I have identified and worked on fear and self-worth issues for years. I would say that I was living in my gap at a mindset of 3-4. This has affected my life on every level and has really taken its toll on my business.

The 10 mindset course has helped me reset my thinking and move out of my gap and determine WHAT I want instead. The hot seat with you was life changing. I stopped asking how and started to define what I want by putting my vision into words, and gaining a new clarity. All the time I have spent trying to figure things out ended up in frustration and lack of direction and answers. Now, I am seeing things fall into place.

I am able to step away from some of the “pet” projects I have been beating myself up over and let others help me. I also am able to see other areas where I can delegate. This is not to say there are no longer triggers, but I now have the tools to release them and move back up to a higher mindset. This has been life changing for me. Thank you so much for your incredible training and the opportunity to work with you."

Craig Kingsbury

Register for the 10 Mindset Program TODAY and get the bonus class: 30 Day 10 Mindset Action Plan To Prosperity

People who live from a 10 Mindset usually have had decades of practice in applying the Business Success Mindset formula in their life. It doesn't have to take years or decades to access your 10. You can fast track your life and be applying the Business Success Formula to your life right now. The only way you will actually learn how to access your 10 Mindset on a consistent basis is to integrate the principles in your life EVERYDAY from the highest vibration of prosperity.

In this class I will walk you through the 30 Day 10 Mindset Action Plan Of Prosperity and show you what it takes to stay in your 10 Mindset for the rest of your life. You will get a review of the entire program and learn what to do when you find that you have fallen back into your "gap" and how to get out quickly and back into your 10 Mindset. There are some key strategies you can use that allow you to build momentum and see opportunities start "magically" appear with very little effort. This class give you a 30 Day step by step action plan so that you stay in a 10 Mindset forever!

Guided Meditative Journey on Prosperity Included!

You will also receive a guided meditative journey by Debbie to listen to while you are implementing your 30 Day 10 Mindset Action Plan To Prosperity. Debbie transmits a high vibration of energy aligned with prosperity and unconditional love in the guided journey. Listening to this guided journey on a daily basis helps you anchor in a prosperity consciousness and adopt an identity of confidence and success.

In this class you will learn:

  • The 30 Day 10 Mindset Action Plan Of Prosperity
  • The BEST strategies to stay in a 10 Mindset and not fall back into your "gap".
  • What you need to do to build momentum so that the scales tip where you are doing very LITTLE work and the opportunities are naturally falling into your lap.
  • What the BEST type of support is you could have if you want to make sure you stay focused and move faster towards your goals.


The 10 Mindset Program has a TOTAL VALUE OF over $1,800!

The 10 Mindset 30-Day Self Study Program includes:

  • Access to the entire series of audio recordings of the newly updated 10 Mindset tele-class series with Debbie Bermont $897 Value
  •  A comprehensive e-workbook for each class so you can follow along with the information in each class and do the transformational exercises.$397 Value
  • E-mails tips and tranformational exercises with each class. $197 Value

Plus this special bonus:

  • Audio recording for the class on the 30 Day 10 Mindset Action Plan To Prosperity $197 Value
  • 30 Day Action Plan Handout $97 Value
  •  Guided Journey On Prosperity and Confidence $47 value


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When you are living your life from a 10 Mindset™… anything is possible. No matter what it is you want, you will have the confidence to attract the opportunities and resources you need to make it happen. Success is actually obtaining the very thing you want -- more wealth, a loving relationship or greater health. As soon as you hit the "Buy Now" button below and register for the program your confirmation e-mail will be on it's way to you and the program will begin. You will be on your way to living your life from a 10 Mindset. Your registration fee is ONLY $497. 

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Check Mark BlueNINE audio recordings from Debbie's 10 Mindset tele-class series. Debbie just updated the 10 Mindset course with brand new material on prosperity and how to create success from a 10 Mindset while walking in your true soul path. This comprehensive step-by-step program is the only course in the marketplace that shows you how to fully integrate your mind and spirit while creating success in every area of your life by following one simple formula used by EVERY single multi-milionaire throughout the world.

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A comprehensive step by step workbook that is customized especially for you for each class. You will receive a workbook for each class that takes you step by step through the exercises in the program so that the material is completely customized for your own unique situation.

Check Mark BlueGuided journey on prosperity . In order to live a prosperious life you need to be open to RECEIVE greater wealth in your life. This calming guided journey will help you get centered and grounded and open to receive a greater flow in your life. After listening to this soothing guided journey you will be in a centered space to receive more money, opportunities and resources as you live your life from a 10 Mindset.

Check Mark BlueBONUS: 30 Day 10 Mindset Action Plan. You will get a special bonus class on how to implement the powerful information into your life so you anchor in the power of your 10 MINDSET!!!

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You can attract prosperity in every aspect of your business easily and effortlessly with a 10 Mindset!

Time is a precious commodity you will never get back once it is gone. You have a chance to PERMANENTLY wipe out your fears, build a powerful, supportive community, turn your vision into reality and generate prosperity in EVERY aspect of your business when you learn how to apply the Business Success Formula to your life from your 10 Mindset! Leave your GAP in the dust and start moving forward by registering for the newly updated 10 Mindset 30-Day self study audio program!.  Register today!

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